Some of your questions answered in one place

1. How do I change the language of the app?
The app is currently supporting English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian languages. The app adapts to the language settings of your device. To change app language manually, go to your device Settings and scroll down until you see app's icon. Then tap on it and change the app's language preferences.

2. How to create SlimQueen profile?
After finishing onboarding go into «Profile», then click on «Sign up» (not «Log in»), then click on «Sign up with Apple» button. After these steps your SlimQueen Profile will be connected to your Apple ID: your progress and all records will be saved, so there is no need to start over.
Please note: you can use SlimQueen app without connecting with your Apple ID. But connecting to Apple ID is a guarantee your progress data will never be lost.

3. Can I use the app on more than one device?
Yes! You can use SlimQueen across multiple devices with the same Apple ID.
To sync your progress, please, do go through these steps.
Step 1. Create SlimQueen profile on your main device (please, see the guide in question 2).
Step 2. Open your second device and install SlimQueen app. Open SlimQueen app and click on «Log in» button on the first screen. Sign in to your account to start where you left off.
Step 3. If you have active subscription, go to «Profile» section, then click on «Subscriptions» . Click on the «Restore» button in the upper-left corner of the appeared screen.
That's it! Your progress and subscription should be restored on the second device. After these steps you can use SlimQueen app on both devices simultaneously.

4. Challenges are just awesome, love them all. Can I take part in more than one challenge at a time?
You can choose any challenge you like in «All challenges» section on the left side of the Progress. However, it's possible to take part in only one challenge at a time. The reason is rather easy: over-training can be harmful.
We recommend: start from 30 Day Challenge in the top right corner of the Progress screen. This challenge is chosen by SlimQueen AI to fit you best. SlimQueen AI uses smart algorithm that personalizes challenge recommendations and sets out a routine to help you reach your goals safely and effectively.
Nevertheless you can quit any challenge you've accepted previously and start another one.

5. Will I get new challenges? I'm afraid that I completed all challenges before my year subscription ends.
Do not worry about challenges: we're constantly adding new ones! One or two new challenges per month. Stay tuned!

6. I'm a new mom. Can I exercise with SlimQueen app?
We recommend to do exercises from «Postpartum» program on week 0-6 after giving a birth. This program can be found on «Discover» section. During weeks 7-12 we recommend to do 1-3 exercises per day from «Mommy toner» & «For busy moms». After this you can do one workout per day from your personal plan. Do not start any challenge till week 24.
This is our general recommendation for new moms, but to don't forget consulting to your doctor.

7. Due to osteoarthritis I'm not allowed to stress out my joints. Do you have low impact exercises?
Actually SlimQueen is fitness app with only low-impact exercises. There is no high intensity trainings with jumps or hard cardio in SlimQueen app. Workouts include only safe bodyweight exercises. Of course, a consultation with your doctor will not be superfluous.

8. How do I cancel a subscription?
Managing your subscription with SlimQueen is the same as managing any other subscription on your device. Only you are able to make changes to your subscription status. We are not able to manage your subscription.
To manage/cancel your subscription, go to App Store app on your device and click on your icon in upper-right corner. Click "Subscriptions" to see all of your subscriptions. Tap "SlimQueen" to review your subscription with us.
If you do not see a subscription here then it means you have not subscription with that Apple ID.
You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time. Access to the SlimQueen app will not expire immediately, you will have access until the end of your current payment period. Subscription automatically renews for the next billing period unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing period.

Still need help?
Email our support department at, they're the best!